The Travel Atlas (edition 2018)

Collectif Lonely Planet

EAN: 9781787016965
Date de publication:  29-11-2018
Format: Livre
Langue: anglais
Hauteur: 273mm
Largeur: 354mm
Epaisseur: 36mm
Poids: 3100gr
Nombre de page: 448 p.

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Combining our extensive mapping history and destination insight and knowledge, our first dedicated altas makes it easy for globetrotters to discover the planet's best and most exciting experiences, and plan upcoming adventures. Each page features regional highlights and a range of itineraries. Packed with trip planning advice and details of when to visit. Popular areas are presented in a more detailed, larger scale.

    EAN :9781787016965
    Auteur : Collectif Lonely Planet
    Editeur :Lonely Planet France
    Date de publication :  29-11-2018
    Format :Livre
    Langue :anglais
    Hauteur :273mm
    Largeur :354mm
    Epaisseur :36mm
    Poids :3100gr
    Stock :Produit disponible chez le fournisseur
    Nombre de page :448 p.