Aydin Buyuktas

EAN: 9789401454407
Date de publication:  06-09-2018
Format: Livre
Langue: néerlandais
Hauteur: 180mm
Largeur: 230mm
Poids: 576gr
Nombre de page: 144

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An American football pitch as a skateboard ramp and the Aya Sofia as a rollercoaster: the images of Turkish photographer Aydin Büyüktas are literally mind-bending. They went viral and are now finally also available in book format, including entirely new images. His brainchild Flatland is named after Edwin Abbottt's satire book about a two-dimensional world populated by geometric figures, from which certain parts have been included in this book.

    EAN :9789401454407
    Auteur : Aydin Buyuktas
    Editeur :Lannoo
    Date de publication :  06-09-2018
    Format :Livre
    Langue :néerlandais
    Hauteur :180mm
    Largeur :230mm
    Poids :576gr
    Stock :Produit disponible chez le fournisseur
    Nombre de page :144