Georgia (6e Edition)


EAN: 9781784770723
Date de publication:  26-07-2018
Format: Livre
Langue: anglais
Hauteur: 136mm
Largeur: 215mm
Epaisseur: 15mm
Poids: 377gr
Nombre de page: 360

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At the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia unassumingly offers visitors the best of the Caucasus region - beautiful churches, wild and unspoiled countryside perfect for hiking and cycling, welcoming locals, homemade wines and marathon toasting. With up-to-date details on a growing number of ecotourism and adventure-tourism initiatives and the latest on the political situation and break-away states, Bradt's Georgia aids you in avoiding meal-time faux pas, reveals the country's hidden cultural treasures and offers practical details on varied activities from countryside caving, visiting ancient pagan ruins or tackling four litres of wine in a sitting. A land of cultural and natural diversity, Georgia greets you with open arms and an open bottle - or two. Bradt's guide to Georgia will provide travellers and hikers with all the insights, hard facts and hidden treasures for this little-explored but very welcoming Caucasus state: - Comprehensive details of where to stay and eat - A traveller's guide to Georgian hospitality, customs and transport - The flora and fauna of the region

    EAN :9781784770723
    Auteur : T.burford
    Editeur :Bradt
    Date de publication :  26-07-2018
    Format :Livre
    Langue :anglais
    Hauteur :136mm
    Largeur :215mm
    Epaisseur :15mm
    Poids :377gr
    Stock :Produit disponible chez le fournisseur
    Nombre de page :360
    Collection :  Travel Guide