Verner Panton

Ida Engholm-Anders Michelsen

EAN: 9780714877167
Date de publication:  27-09-2018
Format: Livre
Langue: anglais
Hauteur: 214mm
Largeur: 290mm
Epaisseur: 35mm
Poids: 2036gr
Nombre de page: 336

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The uncompromising bad boy of post-war Danish design, Verner Panton created enduring icons of pop culture, beloved the world over. He broke with the Scandinavian tradition of handcrafted teak-wood furniture to pioneer the use of plastic, fibreglass, synthetic fabrics, and industrial mass production, and this thoroughly researched and exhaustively illustrated book examines Panton's ground- breaking approach to environments, systems and patterns. Panton's oeuvre is a truly pioneering achievement, the wide-ranging influence of which is still felt today. Key Selling Points - Documents the astonishing breadth of Panton's work, from candlesticks and clocks to the seminal S Chair and Living Tower, to total floor-to-ceiling interiors encompassing textiles, lighting, and furniture - Contains a wealth of images including hand-drawn sketches by Panton, personal photographs, and advertisements from the official Panton archive - Features a comprehensive, illustrated chronology of Panton's works, including many unrealized projects - Organised thematically with Panton's unique approach to environments systems and patterns vividly illustrated

    EAN :9780714877167
    Auteur : Ida Engholm-Anders Michelsen
    Editeur :Phaidon Gb
    Date de publication :  27-09-2018
    Format :Livre
    Langue :anglais
    Hauteur :214mm
    Largeur :290mm
    Epaisseur :35mm
    Poids :2036gr
    Stock :Produit disponible chez le fournisseur
    Nombre de page :336